The construction of the hospital mechanical parking system

They need to increase parking space use mechanical parking system. At present, the major hospitals in China have the problem of parking difficulty.

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Hospital parking lots
Mechanical parking system in Jinan China
Mechanical parking lots in Jinan Hospital China

The current situation for parking

Parking supply-demand ratio in some hospitals is close to 1:19.

Many hospitals want to build Mechanical parking garage to solute parking difficulties.

The mechanical parking system can build up to 2-25 story outdoor parking system. Then Some of them are semi-automated parking system, another of them are automated parking system.

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simplifying procedures mechanical parking system construction

However, it is not easy to build a mechanical parking garage. The head of the hospital said that due to the lack of management and implementation of such projects in the city.

There are many disputes in the approval process of relevant departments. But many hospital parking garage projects encountered many difficult problems in the process of construction submission and bidding.

Because most hospitals are public hospitals in China, The process of the application needs a long time.

The government should simplify the procedure of parking facilities project submission and approval.

Policy and industry standards

There are more than 2,000 mechanical parking garage projects every year. There is an urgent that need to issue industry standard documents concerning safety, function and after-sales service.

Of course, the whole mechanical parking industry is ready for development. Even The state and local governments have repeatedly issued policy advocating the construction of mechanical parking lots.

The financial market also began to pay attention to the future development of mechanical parking garage industry, because it has some advantages.