Puzzle parking system resolute the parking issue

In order to resolve the problem of the parking issue in old residential areas. Beijing has increased the supply of parking spaces in residential areas by regional adjustment and adding the construction of mechanical puzzle parking facilities.

mechanical parking
The multi-level mechanical parking

Parking facilities near Beijing South Railway Station

Beijing Fengtai District has increased the number of parking spaces in residential areas by optimizing the design proposal, and demolishing the illegal building and redesigning green space from 2018 to now.

In addition, Fengtai District also encourages social capital to take part in the construction of mechanical puzzle automated parking system facilities. So far, The official dept. has added 764 new parking spaces to the multi-level parking projects that have been starting to open.

It plans to promote an increase of 800 parking spaces in the North Plaza of Beijing South Railway Station this year.

automated puzzle parking
Puzzle automated parking

What is the multi-level puzzle automated parking system?

multi-level parking system
The mechanical multi-level parking system

In short, the multi-level parking system is a product with a high market share in China.

Firstly the top parking space of the parking equipment only has a lifting movement. In addition, the middle layers of the parking equipment have the lifting and sliding movement. The mechanical parking space of the ground layer only has sliding movement too.

The puzzle automated parking system that stores the vehicle by lifting or sliding movement of the pallet. We usually called the lifting and sliding parking garage. This kind of mechanical parking garage has many models, strong adaptability to the site and relatively low cost. The lifting and sliding puzzle parking garage includes the main steel structure frame, pallet platform, transmission system, control system, and safety protection system, etc.

The feature of puzzle automated parking system

  1. Low investment, low cost and short construction time.
  2. Easy operation, fast access, and easy maintenance.
  3. Using PLC Control, semi-automated parking system.
  4. Multiple safety protection measures are provided to ensure the safety of passengers and vehicles.

Video: How to use the parking system?